SBBC Info Sheet: SBBC Data Files

How to Backup and Transfer Files

Simple Backup Instructions:

Copy the files SBBC_d.sbf and all .sbd  files (My Beanies.sbd is the default) from your SBBC folder to a floppy or other backup media such as a Zip disk, CD-R, or another physical hard drive. (Optional: If you want to backup the photos, copy the entire Pix sub-folder as well.)

Simple Restore Instructions:

Copy the backed-up files from your backup media to the SBBC folder on your hard drive. IMPORTANT: If you restored from a CDR or CDRW, right click on each restored file in the SBBC folder on your hard drive and make sure the "Read only" check box is cleared. (Note: If you restored the Pix folder, you do NOT need to clear the "Read only" attribute on all the hundreds of photo files, just the data files in the SBBC folder, itself.)

To Transfer Data Between Two Computers:

  1. Make sure the program is installed and updated on the second computer as in steps 1 through 5 of To Install Program and Transfer Data to a New Computer ... below. You only need to do this the first time.
  2. Backup the files with the data you want to transfer from the first computer as in Simple Backup Instructions, above.
  3. Copy those files to the SBBC folder on the second computer.

To Install Program and Transfer Data to a New Computer or to Recover From Disaster:

  1. You will need a backup copy of your data as described in Simple Backup Instructions, above. Put it aside.
  2. Install the SBBC as per the instructions that came with your purchase.
  3. After successful installation, note the Program Version by choosing "About SBBC ..." from the Help menu inside the SBBC program. Check our Web site. If there is a newer Program Upgrade, download and install it. Directions are posted on an Info Sheet with the download on the Web site.
  4. Next, note the Photo version on the CD label. Download and install any posted Photo Updates with a version number greater than that on your CD label. For instance, if your label says Photo Update 8, download and install any posted Photo Updates starting with Photo Update 9. Again, instructions are in the Info Sheet posted with the downloads.
  5. Copy the backed-up data files from your backup media to the SBBC folder on the new computer.


Detailed Discussion of Data Files

The program's default folder is C:\Program Files\Simple Bookkeeping

This will be referred to as the "SBBC folder" for the rest of this discussion. If you installed your program to a different folder, the "SBBC folder" refers to that location instead. The SBBC folder is where all the program and data files are located. Also, all the image files are stored in a sub-folder called Pix.

The only files that cannot be restored from your SBBC CDs or our Web site are SBBC_d.sbf which is the main data file, and all the user files which have an sbd extension. Most people only use the default user file, My Beanies.sbd, however if you have used the New command from the File menu and created other user files, they will need to be backed up as well.

SBBC_d.sbf holds all the data in the top half of the Main Screen: Name, Issue Date, Current Value, Retirement info, etc. In the original versions of SBBC through v1.2x, the images were also stored in this file. Storing images in this file made it very large. In the original CD version it was around 53MB! Thus, in version 1.3 we moved the images from within this file to individual JPEG (jpg) files stored in the Pix sub-folder and linked to records in SBBC_d.sbf. If you don't add your own images by pasting them into the program, SBBC_d.sbf will stay under 1MB. If you DO paste your own images into the program, SBBC_d.sbf will very quickly become large and will need to be backed up to a larger media such as a Zip disk or CD-R.

SBBC_d.sbf is the file that is modified by an SBBC Data Update that you download from our Web site. It adds new releases, updates retirement info, values, etc. Photo Updates add jpg files to the Pix sub-folder. Before version 1.4b, Data Updates were problematic if you added your own New Releases to the three supported Collections (Babies, Buddies & Teenies). The problems surfaced when the Data Update Wizard, which runs after a Data Update, tried to match up user-added New Releases with New Releases in the Data Update file. Starting with version 1.4b, the Data Update Wizard does not try to perform this comparison/reconciliation. If a record is marked internally as "User Entered" it is left alone. Adding your own Collections (Attics, Kids, Poohs, etc.) to SBBC and then adding New Releases to those collections has never been a problem.

My Beanies.sbd and any other user-created user files with the extension .sbd contain the info in the bottom half of the Main Screen (Status, Cost, Tag info, Condition, etc.). These files are never modified by Data Updates.