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Intro to SBBC Tech Support

Many technical questions regarding SBBC can be answered with information contained in the SBBC Help File that shipped with your program or in the ReadMe.txt file which can be found in the Simple Bookkeeping folder on your hard drive or on your SBBC CD-ROM. If you still need help, we are here to provide it.

First, see our list of our FAQs below. If that doesn't answer your question you can Contact Us by e-mail, phone or fax..

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How come I unzip my Data/Photo Update but the SBBC Update Wizard never starts and my Data/Photos don't get updated?
A: Currently the WinZip product we use to package downloads from our website isn't "smart" enough to know where your SBBC program is so it unzips to the default folder where the vast majority of our users have the program installed. During your original installation, if you have a 64-bit system, Windows automatically changes your default installation folder 

   c:\program files\simple bookkeeping
   c:\program files (x86)\simple bookkeeping

therefore when unzipping a Data or Photo Update you must change the "Unzip to folder" field in the WinZip window to the proper path. Simply edit the field by adding " (x86)" after "program files".

NOTE: This same "failure to update" issue might occur if you purposely change your SBBC program installation folder to, say, a hard drive other than C: during you initial setup from your SBBC CD.  

Q: How do I backup my SBBC data?
A: Our Info Sheet on Data Files contains step-by-step directions for safeguarding you precious SBBC data. 

Q: We just got a new computer and our SBBC CD's won't load.
A: SBBC CDs with a Program Version of 1.6 or less will not install on Windows 2000 or Windows XP. Version 1.7 is the first version that installs properly on those operating systems. You will need to order an Upgrade CD from our Order Page.

Q: How do I keep 'current' with my data and photos?
A: You should look over the Downloads area of our Web site (above) and peruse the Info Sheets for directions on how to install updates.

There are 3 types of updates: Data, Photo and Program. Data and Photo are the most common. Only one Data Update at a time is posted because they are cumulative - each one contains ALL the data. Photo Updates are incremental. Each one contains a set number of specific pictures. There is always a list of what beanbag photos are included in each Photo Update. Program Updates are used infrequently, only when a new feature is added or a bug is fixed. You will be notified when any new updates are posted if you are on our Mailing List.

Your CD label will have your Data, Photo and Program versions printed on it. You can use those versions as a reference to compare with the Web site's posted updates and stay "current." After that, choose "Tech Support" from the Help menu inside the SBBC program to check your "Data File Version" and compare it with the latest posted Data Update. Choose "About Simple Bookkeeping" from the Help menu to check your Program Version.

Q: How can I move my SBBC data from one computer to another?
A: In Windows Explorer or My Computer navigate to your SBBC folder, usually "C:\Program Files\Simple Bookkeeping." Copy the file "SBBC_d.sbf" and all the.sbd files you wish to move (the default is "My Beanies.sbd")  to a floppy disk. Go to the other computer and copy the files from the floppy to the SBBC folder. Open SBBC and choose Open from the File menu. Please see our Info Sheet on Data Files for more info.

Q: The values for many of my Beanies are much higher than the ones in your Data Updates. How can I make the program reflect the higher values?
A: The Current Values in our Data Updates are based on the latest tag versions. To change the Current Value of one of your Beanies which might have an earlier tag, click Edit This Beanie, make your change and then click OK. Later on, after downloading and installing a Data Update, if the Data Update Wizard stops on one of your "user-modified" records, simply click Skip. The record will remain untouched by the Data Update and, thus, the Current Value you entered will remain unchanged.

Q: I'd like to be able to use SBBC as a "data-mining" tool without all my Haves, Wants and/or Solds "getting in the way" on reports. Is there a way to do this?
A: Yes! Choose 'New' from the file menu and create a new user data file. Call it something like "data only.sbd." When the program prompts you for a user name type in something like "Manufacturer" or "Ty." Then when you run your reports it will say "Manufacturer's Beanie List" or "Ty's Beanie List." You can switch between this new file and your other user files by choosing 'Open' from the File menu.

Q: Do you plan on adding Beanie BoppersŪ?
Q: Do you plan on adding Beanie KidsŪ?
Q: Do you plan on adding AtticsŪ?
A: We're afraid not, but you can add as many Collections as you wish to SBBC. Using Beanie Kids as an example, here's how:

  1. Choose Collections from the View menu and click New. Enter a collection name (Beanie Kids) and an abbreviation (BK). Click Save. Click Close.

  2. Click Pick-A-Beanie. Click Add New Release. Click Yes.

  3. Now fill in ALL the data in the top part of the screen making sure you choose BK for the Collection (if your new Collection does not show in the drop-down box, press F9 to refresh the list), then click OK.

  4. This record will be considered User-Entered. User-Entered records will never be touched by the SBBC Update Wizard process. All data in the top & bottom of the Main Screen for all User-Entered records must be updated manually by the user.

  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 as needed.

Q: I just installed your program on my new computer. Everything seems to work fine, but reports won't run. I setup the report the way I want then click Run Report but nothing seems to happen. What's wrong?
A: Reports will not run - even for previewing on the screen - unless at least one printer is setup in Windows. Go to Start | Settings | Printers and setup a printer.

Q: I added my own New Releases and ran a photo update that supposedly had pictures for those beanbags, but the pictures don't show up.
A: SBBC does not support linking pictures via photo updates to user-entered New Releases. You can paste in your own photo however. See "pictures, adding" in your SBBC help file.

Q: How come my colors change after I update the program from the Internet?
A: In this version of SBBC, the custom colors you can select in the Settings dialog are stored in the main application file which is over-written when you download and install an SBBC update from the Internet. Moving those settings to the user's .sbd file is on the list of enhancements for a future release.

Q: Why do I have duplicate Hang Tag Generations?
A: Installation of the Data Update posted 4/1/2005 or an SBBC CD with the Data Version listed on the label as 2005.04.01, created this issue. Please read our Info Sheet on Hang Tag Generations for more info and instructions to correct the issue.


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