Upgrades to Simple Bookkeeping for Beanbag Collectors

All modifications/enhancements are cumulative: all listed modifications are included in the most recent version.

v 1.81(v) (1/2008) [CD]
- Enables installation on Windows Vista. Only the setup program and SBBC launcher were modified. SBBC functionality remains the same as 1.8a.

v 1.8a (7/2007) [CD & Website Download to Subscribers]
- Changes the way SBBC deals with User-Modified records. During a Data Update, SBBC now gives the user the chance to leave the record as User-Modified or not. Changing the User-Modified flag to No allows the record to be updated automatically during any subsequent SBBC Data Update. Leaving the record as User-Modified forces SBBC to present the record during subsequent Data Updates.
- Added a Skip All button to the Data Update, User-Modified Records screen.

v 1.8 (5/2006) [CD]
- Fixes installation problems when Office 2003 or higher is already installed on the user's computer.
- Fixes the "no license" error some users get during installation.
- Functionally equivalent to 1.7e.

v 1.7e (11/2003) [CD]
- Fixes problems some version 1.7x users were having when deleting records: record would not delete or reappeared and/or wrong record was deleted.

v 1.7d (11/2002) [CD]
- Removed aging gremlins using import/decompile/recompile/compact method.
- Updated setup routine with "clean" runtime files.

v 1.7c (9/2002) [CD]
- Modified main screen to show "All Beanies" if there are no records marked as Have in the user data file.
- Fixed version sort problem on Beanie Want List.

v 1.7b (6/2002) [CD]
- Cosmetic changes to SBBC Update Wizard screens.

v 1.7a (5/2002) [CD]
- Removed 'Compact & Reindex' command from Tools menu. Command has been superceded by 'SBBC Data Tune-Up' on the Windows' Program menu.
- Updated contact info and version info format on Tech Support screen.
- Updated the SBBC Help file.

v 1.7 (12/2001) [CD]
- First version that installs properly on Windows 2000 & Windows XP (as well as 95/98/Me/NT) and coexists peacefully with all versions of Microsoft Access.
- Toned down warning regarding reinstallation of Data Updates on systems with existing Data versions that are already the same or newer. The problem it warned against was already fixed in v 1.5.

v 1.6 (9/2001) [Upgrade CD & Website Download]
- First version that recognizes new Collections in Data Update files and adds them to user's data.

v 1.5e (6/2001) [Upgrade CD & Website Download]
- Fixes problems some users had with the File|Open command.
- Enables forced display of the low-resolution Main Screen. (Enabled only with the assistance of SBBC Tech Support)

v 1.5d (6/2001) [Upgrade CD & Website Download]
- Fixes currency symbols on all reports for international users.

v 1.5c (5/2001) [Upgrade CD & Website Download]
- Fixes currency symbols on Main Screen for international users.
- Adds 3 new My Field Reports.

v 1.5b (4/2001) [Upgrade CD & Website Download]
- Sorts tags in descending order.
- Adds 2 new reports: Purchase Report and Tag Report

v 1.5a (3/2001) [Upgrade CD & Website Download]
- Fixes Tush Tag Version sort problem.

v 1.5 (2/2001) [Upgrade CD & Website Download]
- Data Update Wizard no longer tries to match up User Entered "New Releases" with update data.

v 1.4a (1/2001) [Upgrade CD & Website Download]
- Fixes problem manually updating Current Value field in original v 1.4.

v 1.4 (12/2000) [Upgrade CD & Website Download]
- Adds currency conversion support for international users.
- Bug fixes/minor enhancements.
- Updated Tech Support screen.

v 1.3a (6/2000) thru 1.3d (9/2000) [Upgrade CD]
- Bug fixes, only.

v 1.3 - 5/2000 [Upgrade CD]
- Program, Data and Photos.
- All fixes from 12/1999.
- Enlarged Simple Summary screen.

v 1.3 - 12/1999 [Website Download]
- Program only update. Data updated separately.
- This version is the first that handles photo updates.
- Fixes problems some users had exporting reports to Word and Excel.
- Version column added to all reports.
- Added Report Memo to report page footer.
- Several other report modifications.

v 1.2d - 9/1999 [Website Download, Floppy]
- Updates data to v 1999.09.25 (September 25, 1999).
- No changes to program.

v 1.2d - 8/1999 [Website Download, Floppy]
- Updates data to v 1999.08.27 (August 27, 1999).
- Minor modifications to forms found on View menu.

v 1.2c - 7/1999 [Website Download, Floppy]
- Updates data to v 1999.07.24 (July 24, 1999).
- Fixed "Error 5103: File not found" error during "Compact and Reindex" from the Tools menu.
- Fixed International currency formatting in Cost and Value fields on lower portion of screen.
- Minor tweaks to layout.

v 1.2b - 6/1999 [Website Download, Floppy]
- First update to be posted on our Web site as a download. Also distributed on floppy with CD v 1.2.
- Updates data to v 1999.06.01 (June 1, 1999).
- Added generic data update functionality. The program now senses data update files in the SBBC folder on the hard drive and uses the data within them to update the end users data.
- Other small miscellaneous fixes.

v 1.2a - 5/1999 [Floppy Disk]
- Updates data to v 1999.05.23 (May 23, 1999).
- Fixed several bugs:
- Fixed startup and user file 'Open' routines.
- removed duplicate values from drop-down boxes in 'My Field 1' and 'My Field 2.'
- 'Labels: 2 Across - 10 Down' now shows the Report Toolbar
- Other small miscellaneous fixes.
- Added data update functionality for NEW USERS ONLY. That is, a person who bought a CD could then upgrade their new installation with a v 1.2a diskette given to them at the time of purchase.
- Added 2 new reports:
- 'Beanie List by Retire Date'
- 'Beanie List Date Report'
- Modified report filtering to disallow specific records on specific reports regardless of what is selected by user as criteria.
- 'Beanie Want List' shows only 'Wants.'
- 'Sales Detail' shows only 'Solds.'
- 'Beanie List by Retire Date' shows only those records with a valid Retirement Date.

v 1.2 - 1/1999 [CD-ROM]
Original commercial CD-ROM release.